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2016 2017 1000 yard stare 80s rock abstract air traffic control airplanes airport arriving art atc atlantic aviation aviation b757 band beauty biggest little city bird black and white blackhearts blue boat boeing boulders bricks brooklyn brown eyes buildings c.a c.a. california camping celebrate chelsea chihuahua chinese christmas chrysler building city classic clean close up clouds cloudy cold colors concert concert photography creepy crisp crowd cruise cultural culture deep delta airlines delta terminal desolate detail distance dock dog door downtown dream drummer drums dusk eagle falls elf's emerald bay empire state building energy floating door flower flowers fog forest fountain francisco fresh fresh water grand sierra resort green gsr guitar haunted haze hiking historical holiday spirit holidays hunter jets jfk airport joan jett john f kennedy airport keep tahoe blue lake lake tahoe lights live locke manhattan marina moon morning moss mother nature mountains mtn museum music mysterious n virginia st natca calendar nature nevada new york new york city night photography ny nyc old sacramento ominous one world trade center panoramic photo by smerk photography photos by smerk placid predator puppy pvine queens queens view reflection relaxation reno reno arch reno tahoe international airport rock and roll rocks roof tops runways sacramento sand harbor santa clause santa crawl scenic serene sfo shop silhouette singer sky sky line sky scrapers skyline snowcaps stage stars still street lights sun rays sunrise sunset swan tahoe gal terminal the met the metropolitan museum of art tower town travel trees turbines twilight twr type virginia lake water waterfall weird white whitney peak hotel wilderness wildlife xmas yellow zoom pic
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